Advantages to Sell

Why you should sell

There are many advantages to selling your oil and gas interests. We’ve assisted clients all over the United States in this regard. Here are a few reasons why you should sell your oil and gas assets.

Lump-sum Payment

Your interests are most likely valuable, and you will receive a considerable amount of money if you sell to Consolidated. No more waiting for your money in small and irregular payments. Receive your lump-sum today and diversify your investments.

Remove Uncertainty

In the oil and gas market, prices fluctuate. It can be challenging to estimate the value of your asset for the future. Oil and gas interests are depleting assets, therefore accepting a lump sum payment now may result in higher earnings over your lifetime rather than if you wait.


Mineral and Royalty interests can be challenging and frustrating at times to manage on your own. It can also be very time consuming making sure your royalty payments are accurate. These interests require the maintenance of division order information, the monitoring of depletion of producing well(s) and accounting for taxable income.


With the uncertainty of the oil and gas market by selling you would now have the ability to plan for retirement, pay off debt or purchase a new home.

Make It Liquidation

It is easier to distribute cash to your loved ones than it is to have your estate probated and your oil and gas interests distributed to them. This will save your family the expense and frustration of managing your oil and gas interests.

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